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Bejeweled Blitz Technical Support FAQ


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Why do I keep getting error message every time I try to use my free spin? » Improve Q
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My game keeps automatically purchasing boosts? Help! » Improve Q
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What is wrong with bejeweled blitz, I click in it and all it does is flash and goes back to all my other icons? Had been happening for 2 days, ever since I did the last update. » Improve Q
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what does the rare gem of the day door what is it for? » Improve Q
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My points total is not accurate. Thousands disappear daily for the past week. What's happening here? » Improve Q
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How do I log in? » Improve Q
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I am not able to get bejeweled to work anymore. How do I uninstall then reinstall bejeweled on an iPad? » Improve Q
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Why am I not able to use the daily challegne? This morning I attempted and I had 45 minutes before it became s ail able. I got busy and two hours later it was not available, said 22:42 minutes to go. I used $10,000 points, beat all three scores and did not receive any points or free Gem. What is going on? » Improve Q
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anyone having problems with the challenges? I had to creat 20 flame gems, for which I did hrs ago, and it said completed at that time and continues to turn yellow and say completed now hours later » Improve Q
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Since updating Bejeweled blitz on my IPad I have lost my coin balance of over 10 million, my level status and my banked rewards. » Improve Q

I've been playing Bejeweled Blitz for years, when suddenly today, for the second time, (since I put up with it as a fluke the first time), my 2.7+ million coins and my 2 banked items are gone!  I sent many, many hours earning those coins and I am furious! I recently updated and everything else works fine... except my 2.7 million coins has been reduced to 300,000 with an empty bank that previously held 2 items. I think you would be surprised at the number of people I have recommended go to PopCap games... because as inspirational speaker, author, poet and songwriter, I often recommend games like Bejeweled Blitz as a way to take out frustrations and distract people from their problems. Guess I can't do that anymore because it makes you MORE upset to lose what you have worked so hard to earn. It would help if PopCap cared enough about their reputation and their customers to replace the inadvertently stolen items.  If not, then I become your adversary and can not in good conscience allow others to have the same thing happen to them.  My Android Note 4 is working just fine in every other category so it is not my phone. I even tested Solitaire... and it works fine. I have speaking engagements all over North and South America, Australia,  South Africa and even places like Israel and our neighbors Mexico and Canada. These people know and listen to me - and are at least willing to try what I offer them as solutions to stress, sleeplessness, and other emotional problems. I write and speak under my pen name, Abigayle, and unless you do something to make this right, I will emphatically suggest games made by anyone but PopCap because working so hard and then losing what you have learned will cause more stress and anxiety. I have protected Wi-Fi in my home and don't even come close to using one gig of data per month through Verizon, my internet provider. My Email address is or text/call at 417 230-2913. Yes, it is just a game... but the emotional upset of having something you have worked so hard for taken from you without your permission is real,   just a game or not. I guess we will find out how much you care about customer service  when I see whether you  contact me or notm  By the way, I am 64 years old and far from computer illiterate because I was one of the first bloggers in America in 1998. Thank you for your prompt consideration in this matter. 

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