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Battle Cats FAQ


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Is there an easier way to get Moneko without inviting 10 people? » Improve Q

There is no easy way to get Moneko. Any "Developer Test Code" that claims to unlock Moneko instantly is just a scam by someone to get a invite for themselves.

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How do I beat the final stage (Chapter 3 Stage 48)? » Improve Q

You can follow strategy from this video:

You may need to have most of the essential treasures to beat it, especially gold for at least most of the "Tradition" treasures which allows you to increase Unit Production Speed to produce Wall-Cat (Tank-Cat) fast enough to stall the big boss.

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I try to send mother cat/actress cat with beautiful leg cat but they dont combine together? Are they suppose to combine into one cat? » Improve Q

Go to the battle cats section in wikipedia. It says something useful.

Let Actress Cat and Beautiful Legs Cat near each other. Click on them for the same time when you have enough money to summon both at once.

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How do I beat the black bear in Challenge Mode? » Improve Q

You will need to use Cat Cannon to beat the black bear. Black bear appears twice, once at when the enemy tower is at 90,000 health and once at 10,000 health, so time your cat cannon carefully. To reduce the amount of cats killed, try to fire the cannon a little earlier (91-95k and 11-15k, depending on how fast your cats are hitting), as it takes time to travel to the bear.

sometimes, a great numbers of fast attack/movement speed cat(giraffe cat) or extreme long range cat(nerd cat) will accidentally kill the black bear if you are lucky.

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I got this HGT00 error for change the time on my device. What does this mean?but I haven't changed the time » Improve Q

It means that you tried to change the time of your devict but the game knows that you did so it now it won't let you get any tickets or any energy back. However evreverything will be back to normal 2 days after the time you changed the time.

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I have tickets but I can't open cat capsule, what do I do (I do not understand Japanese)? » Improve Q

Did you defeat Chapter 1, Stage 7(Japan)? If not, you have to beat this stage. It will open the button to go to Cat Capsules on the bottom right. There is a "Rare Cat Capsule", and a "Cat Capsule". If you have gotten a Silver Ticket, click on Cat Capsule. If you have obtained a Gold Ticket, click on Rare Cat Capsule. The page becomes very self-explanatory from there, showing the buttons to open these Cat Capsules on the bottom-right.

This guide has been made from v3.0 of Battle Cats.

I do not think you need to understand Japanese. You could be confused about how PONOS has made Battle Cats originally from Japanese, but it does not change this process.

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How to beat Gorilla(black)? » Improve Q

use wall cats and dragons

This guy made a nice suggestion, really. But ill try to get into more detail: You need cat treasures for sure if you want a real good shot at it. Im not sure if it is possible if you dont have any cat treasures, but it would be quite difficult. ( focus on getting the cat treasures that improve your money rate and your cat production speed.) if its just 1 gorilla ( like in the bonus stages and such), then yeah using wall cats and dragon cats (tank cats and lizard cats) would probably be efficiant. However, i noticed when playing the bonus level "Loving Labor" that they spawn 3 black gorillas, allong with boosted penguins ( because, you know, 1 black gorilla wasnt hard enough). for that situation, i dont think that using dragon cats and wall cats will work well, for the dragon cats attack speed. When facing multiple black gorillas, my suggestion is to spam wall cats, then spawn cats that have area attack, decent hp, and attack speed that isnt too slow. Titan cat would work well in a group, but since it attacks slowly,it would be good for about only 1 hit about. The Ufo cat ( bird cat) would not be a very good idea, as it is very weak in hp. I found out ( from personal expieriance) that the combonation of a level 20 kung fu cat, a level 20 valkarye cat, 1 or 2 titan cats ( because why not?), a few dragon cats ( for damage purposes/knockbacks), a level 20 deliquent cat ( with area attack and power, it works well) that you get farther then you normally would. of course, there may be a few cats i missed, and if this combo doesnt suit you, then feel free to use something simular. *Note: this is from MY personal experiance, but it doesnt garentee the same from you. So dont get ticked off if this doesnt work. Hope this helped somehow :)
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How do I use treasures? » Improve Q

You receive treasures randomly as you complete each stage. Treasure is not completely random. The few ways that you beat the stage with will complete needed requirements to receive the treasure:

1.beating stage as fast as possible (cow/giraffe cats)

2.upgrading wallet (not tested if needed to be max upgrade)

3.firing cat cannon (not tested enough yet)

4.killing as many enemies as possible (stalling with a lot of wall cats)

5.beating stage with titan -and kung-fu cat if you have it- (killing base with least amount of hits?)

#5 has worked for me when other 4 methods have failed.

Some stages may require you to have 2 of the above such as beating stage as fast as possible while upgrading the wallet a few times. This is all being tested, but this has worked for me so far, got every gold treasure in Ch.1 with these strategy.


I'm using the following strategy to take gold. From my testing every level has different way to take gold. I'm not sure if they stay the same between stages 1,2,3 and just getting harder to complete.

1. Try completing every level as fast as possible. (I do this first since it takes less time). I'm using only Giraffe Cats on lv 20 since the strong cats are slow or expensive.

2. Try killing the base with fewer hits with titan and/or kung-fu cat for the levels I didn't get gold.

3. Stalling for time or killing as many enemies as possible. If you get the Ms. Sign enemy, it means that is no use continue to stall and is not this strategy for the levels. I do this last since it takes the most time to complete.

4. If the above fails I start testing with or without wallets upgrades or firing the canon while trying the above strategies.

5. If everything fails I waiting for X2 treasure for the level.


l like these strategies above, but a warning to everyone reading this:


Do not think these plans above will work, getting Superior Items are very random(or so I think)

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Which cat does the most damage? » Improve Q

Here's a partial list of cat damage, note that damges may vary in your game play depending on how much treasures you have acquired:

  • Drunken cat = 7920 dmg / 1131.43 dps (7s per hit / 1s animation frame / AOE)
  • the 1s animation means it will spend 1s dancing around before the real damage is dealt
  • Mystical Giant = 2016 dmg / 916.36 dps (2.2s per hit / AOE)
  • Great Valkerie = 3600 dmg / 837.21 dps (4.3s per hit / AOE)
  • Whale cat = 1296 dmg / 720 dps (1.8s per hit)
  • Gangster cat = 2160 dmg / 635.29 dps (3.4s per hit / AOE)
  • UFO cat = 1188 dmg / 625.26 dps (1.9s per hit / AOE)
  • Dragon cat = 2520 / 600 dps (4.2s per hit)
  • Devil cat = 1440 dmg / 578.68 dps (1.97s per hit)
  • Executioner = 864 dmg / 576 dps (1.5s per hit)
  • Super Bondage = 720 dmg / 480 dps (1.5s per hit)
  • Super Mr = 252 dmg / 458.18 dps (0.55s per hit)
  • Giraffe cat = 93 dmg / 265.71 dps (0.35s per hit)
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How can I defeat the red devil on chapter 2 last level on the moon :D » Improve Q
You get superior treasure in research and in efficiency. And use cat capsules to upgrade the research and efficiency to level twenty. Then use wall cats until you get upgraded enough to get a Titan cat and/or drunken cat.(preferably drunken cat which is unlocked by upgrading the Kung fu cat to level ten) » Improve A
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