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Battle Cats FAQ


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What does the Cat CPU do? » Improve Q

Ummm It plays for you and does your work. Meaning you die easily since it does say don't expect much. I wouldn't use it much though except on levels that give you endless money and requires perfect spam of meatshields.

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What is the maximum level I can upgrade my cats to? » Improve Q

For chapter 1 and chapter 2, you can upgrade your cats up to level 10. Once chapter 3 is unlocked, you can upgrade further to level 20.

You can also "break through" the chapter 1 & 2 level cap using a cat capsule upgrade. Using the upgrade on a lvl 10 will bring you up to lvl 11. You can then continue to upgrade like normal up to lvl 20, making the endgame for chapters 1 & 2 significantly easier.

Also using cat capsule you can upgrade your cat to Max+10 (lv30)

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Which special cat should anyone buy first? » Improve Q

If you have enough cat food:

Early - Sumo-cat

Mid - Mr.

Late - Kung Fu-cat

If you can only afford one, then Kung Fu-cat

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What does God Cat do? » Improve Q

God Cat can perform 4 kinds of miracles to help you:

  • Wrath of God (20 cat food): Attack with lightning that is 3 times more powerful than cat canon.
  • God Bless You (10 cat food): Blow all enemies back to their base.
  • Healing Oasis (5 cat food): Heal all your cats.
  • Baby Boom (90 cat food): For a limited time, there'd be no cool down for cat production, and money production at the highest level.

The very first time God Cat is used it'd be free.


This is a little off-topic, but there is a real Cat Unit called God Cat. He is not so strong and can only be found in the Japanese version of the game.

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Need help picking a team on Battle Cats that's good for almost all stages. My cats: Ninja Frog Drunken Master Mother Bean Catorpedo True Valkyrie Pogo + 3 Wheel Salon Jurassic + 1 Thief + 1 Bishop Fortune Teller + 1 Shaman Witch Archer + 1 Sword Master + 1 Gunslinger + 1 Tin Artist + 2 Mercat + 2 Hiphop Geek Avaloktesvara Juliet Figure Skating Marauder Takeda Shingen » Improve Q

Speaking from experience, your basic good allrounder team includes 2-3 meat shields, a troop tbat specializes in a particular enemy, and some heavy hitters. So from your linehp, i would choose your regular and tank cat,  drunken master true valkarie, jurassic ( for metals)... and any super rare or ultra rares you have, as they are ALWAYS superior to lower rarity troops. I know juliet specifically becomes very strong.

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Can I upgrade my cats past the max level of 10? » Improve Q

      You can upgrade your cats past level 10 by waiting until Chapter 3 at which point they can be raised to 20, however...

      If you use at Cat Ticket and get an ability upgrade, cat or power, you can then use it on the  upgrade you gained via Cat Ticket, and it will unlock level 11, and then let you upgrade it to 20 using XP.

This will get you a bunch of really overpowered cats early on that you're not supposed to have access to. Likely this is a game exploit I discovered but every advantage helps when you're play time is limited by the amount of energy you have.

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How many chapters are there? » Improve Q

There are six main chapters,3 from the "Empire of cats" and 3 from "Into the future".

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I got this HGT00 error for change the time on my device. What does this mean? » Improve Q

If you put the time ahead on your device it will glitch your game and not let you draw cat capsules.

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How many levels are there in each chapters? » Improve Q

There are 48 levels in each of the 3 chapters.

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When I want to input a code, it says "This invitation code has already been entered" even though I hadn't enter a code yet. Why? Earlier today, I entered one code and two people entered my code. » Improve Q

You can only enter 1 invite code on your app. However, you can distribute your code to as many people as you like!

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