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Battle Cats FAQ


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how do i beat the squirrels at the begging of Alaska in the Battle Cats Rising Chapter? » Improve Q

Send a bunch of tall/wall and cat/macho cats until the squirrels stop, then send in your usual main attacking cats.

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I keep getting this error that says "Data Read Error H03" how do I fix it? » Improve Q

keep trying to reinstall the app while every time you Uninstaller it restart your device 

worked for me


to fix the problem with the energy not filling up just transfer to a different  device then transfer back

hope it works

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Do I need cat food to beat the game? » Improve Q

It is possible to beat the game without using buying additional special cat or using cat food.

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I upgraded my dragon cat to level 20. I got the dragon cat from a sliver ticket. I used it and instead of going to level 21 it just said "max +1". When I click on the animal it says "MAX+10Unlock addictional class changes!" What does this mean? Can I not upgrade more then 20? » Improve Q

You cannot use exp to upgrade anything higher than level 20 but you can use silver cat tickets to gain a maximum of 10 extra levels. Upon reaching +10 you will unlock the true form of that cat. There are only true forms for basic cats. Google true forms for more info.

Also, if you look up User Rank on the Wiki, it shows that there are unlockable maxes you can go to if you meet the User Rank requirement. For example:

User Rank 800: Is the first rank of importance. Expands the max of Normal Cats by 5. Only is able to be maxed through capsules.

It is very useful in the future, like far into the Legends of Stories

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How to get lil nyandam cat? » Improve Q

There is a level in the "Stories of Legend" known as "Saint Red Fox". There, if you defeat the level, there is a 3% chance of you getting the cat. Therefore, I recommend using "Treasure Radar" on the level. But the level is incredibly difficult without some good cats.

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When I win a cat through the cat capsule that I already have if I use it does it upgrade the level of the cat or would it be more beneficial to exchange for XP? » Improve Q

Use them when the cat is max leveled. By the end of the game, you would have more XP than you would need. Remember XP is an unlimited resource (just replay the last few rounds in a chapter to get 20-30k xp per 40 energy) while Cat Tickets + capsule are limited.

The last 10 upgrade levels (Level 21-30) can only be leveled up (once each) using Cat capsules

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Before, my MAX money was $450, now it will not go past $350 (level 6), why is this and how do I advance? I have replayed each level 3 times and have a ton of XP but I can't use my more effective cats that I've purchased. » Improve Q

You need to upgrade your Worker Cat Wallet to increase the maximum allowed money you start with and get per level. It would also be wise to keep your Worker Cat Efficiency upgraded as you progress to keep your flow of money high enough in later levels.

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If I get 100% of a treasure in chapter 1 will it help me all the way up to chapter 2-3? » Improve Q

Yes, the bonus effects from the treasures will still be effective throughout all chapters

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I have cats that I can't afford. How can I make my wallet size past level 10? » Improve Q

You'll have to play some stages to get xp and go to the upgrade screen (when you have enough,obviously) and on the far right,you can increase your wallet capacity.You should also collect certain cat treasures to get more upgrades that increase wallet capacity.

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How do you see the final form of your cats? » Improve Q

Upgrade your cats to level 30. You level them up to the max level and use cat capsules to upgrade passlevel 10 and again at 20

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