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Battle Cats FAQ


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Need help picking a team on Battle Cats that's good for almost all stages. My cats: Ninja Frog Drunken Master Mother Bean Catorpedo True Valkyrie Pogo + 3 Wheel Salon Jurassic + 1 Thief + 1 Bishop Fortune Teller + 1 Shaman Witch Archer + 1 Sword Master + 1 Gunslinger + 1 Tin Artist + 2 Mercat + 2 Hiphop Geek Avaloktesvara Juliet Figure Skating Marauder Takeda Shingen » Improve Q

Go look at the page before.

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I used a Sliver Ticket upgrade in my Worker Cat Efficiency at Max level. I have it at lvl 20. It improves? Or it's just a bug. » Improve Q

All Silver tickets add a +1 level to cats and base upgrades. Blue orbs (base upgrades) max is +10. If you keep getting silver tickets for base but it's already +10 you can trade 5 of them for a rare ticket.

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I used a Sliver Ticket upgrade in my Worker Cat Efficiency at Max level. I have it at lvl 20. It improves? Or it's just a bug. » Improve Q

It's supposed to and once you reach MAX. +10 you unlock a new form

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what cats should anyone use to win every level in the entire game. I used so much of my time getting cat food and spending it on the best cats (Or i thought so) and the guide to beating the moon on chapter 3 was with weak cats (or i thought so). Should I use the cheapest cats because I can lay as many as I want faster than the more expensive cats? » Improve Q

I'd start using the weak ones first, to keep them off while I upgrade the worker cat, and when it's maxed, send in the stronger ones. It's best to have the Tall/Wall/Eraser Cat as one of your weak ones.

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So i got a error code on my phone and i read that its because of time or what ever but i didnt do anything with my time. What do i do to fix it? » Improve Q

You have been caught trying to change the time i think. Because  of that you can no longer get tickets and stamps in like two days or it's a glitch. If you wait and play a little it will fix itself. i suffered through this so i know this

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What is the best strategy for defeating Hawaii on the first chapter? » Improve Q

Get superior treasures in cat research then ,in the battle, get up to (atleast) level 3 worker cat. Then spam the absolute hell out of the giraffe cat. If you can't be bothered to get superior research spell, use titan cats.

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What is the tankiest cat? (or best defender.) I find my wall cat gets 1 hit even at level 20. » Improve Q

What kind of Enemy are you looking at? Wall Cat is the best meat shield.

If you are looking at a boss, such as The Face, Dark Emperor Nyamdam, or Bun Bun Teacher, of course your Wall Cats will be one-hit KO'd! These are extremely powerful guys who all you can do is just spam wall cats!

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How can I upgrade a rare cat to level MAX +1? » Improve Q

You need to draw it again, but unlike the basic cats they don't evolve with + levels.

they evolve with catfruit/level 30(you get from user rank 1200)/Xp (200K for rares,500K for super rares and 1Mil form Uber super rares).

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I thought the max level was Max +10 (sort of like level 30), but I now have two cats at Max+11 (I have Eraser Cat +11 and Island Cat +11). Is there a new highest level? » Improve Q

The highest level for normal cats was always +19. However with the v2.0 and user rank it is possible to get +30 eventually at 1700 user rank.


Opposing the first answer, the Wiki says that rank 1700 gives Normal Cats the ability to get +25.

This is now v3.0 as I type this.

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How do I max out level 8? I can't use cow cat because I'm 50$ low... How do I level up? » Improve Q

You can upgrade your wallet capacity so you can summon more cats. Wallet efficiency is also good for faster rate of money.

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