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Battle Cats FAQ


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I have cats that I can't afford. How can I make my wallet size past level 10? » Improve Q

You'll have to play some stages to get xp and go to the upgrade screen (when you have enough,obviously) and on the far right,you can increase your wallet capacity.You should also collect certain cat treasures to get more upgrades that increase wallet capacity.

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I used a Sliver Ticket upgrade in my Worker Cat Efficiency at Max level. I have it at lvl 20. It improves? Or it's just a bug. » Improve Q

It's supposed to and once you reach MAX. +10 you unlock a new form

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So i got a error code on my phone and i read that its because of time or what ever but i didnt do anything with my time. What do i do to fix it? » Improve Q

You have been caught trying to change the time i think. Because  of that you can no longer get tickets and stamps in like two days or it's a glitch. If you wait and play a little it will fix itself. i suffered through this so i know this

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I used a Sliver Ticket upgrade in my Worker Cat Efficiency at Max level. I have it at lvl 20. It improves? Or it's just a bug. » Improve Q

All Silver tickets add a +1 level to cats and base upgrades. Blue orbs (base upgrades) max is +10. If you keep getting silver tickets for base but it's already +10 you can trade 5 of them for a rare ticket.

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what cats should anyone use to win every level in the entire game. I used so much of my time getting cat food and spending it on the best cats (Or i thought so) and the guide to beating the moon on chapter 3 was with weak cats (or i thought so). Should I use the cheapest cats because I can lay as many as I want faster than the more expensive cats? » Improve Q

I'd start using the weak ones first, to keep them off while I upgrade the worker cat, and when it's maxed, send in the stronger ones. It's best to have the Tall/Wall/Eraser Cat as one of your weak ones.

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What is the best strategy for defeating Hawaii on the first chapter? » Improve Q

Get superior treasures in cat research then ,in the battle, get up to (atleast) level 3 worker cat. Then spam the absolute hell out of the giraffe cat. If you can't be bothered to get superior research spell, use titan cats.

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How can I upgrade a rare cat to level MAX +1? » Improve Q

You need to draw it again, but unlike the basic cats they don't evolve with + levels.

they evolve with catfruit/level 30(you get from user rank 1200)/Xp (200K for rares,500K for super rares and 1Mil form Uber super rares).

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What is the tankiest cat? (or best defender.) I find my wall cat gets 1 hit even at level 20. » Improve Q

What kind of Enemy are you looking at? Wall Cat is the best meat shield.

If you are looking at a boss, such as The Face, Dark Emperor Nyamdam, or Bun Bun Teacher, of course your Wall Cats will be one-hit KO'd! These are extremely powerful guys who all you can do is just spam wall cats!

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I thought the max level was Max +10 (sort of like level 30), but I now have two cats at Max+11 (I have Eraser Cat +11 and Island Cat +11). Is there a new highest level? » Improve Q

The highest level for normal cats was always +19. However with the v2.0 and user rank it is possible to get +30 eventually at 1700 user rank.


Opposing the first answer, the Wiki says that rank 1700 gives Normal Cats the ability to get +25.

This is now v3.0 as I type this.

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Are treasures obtained in Chapter 1 activated in Chapter 2? I am on chapter 2 right now. Is it worth it to go back to Chapter 1 and get all those items? » Improve Q

yes for sure all treasures all combined together you sould get theme all    

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