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FAQ on the most beautiful Android Phone


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What does UltraPixel mean? » Improve Q

UltraPixel is HTC's way of emphasizing that each of the 4 mega pixels on HTC One's sensor is much larger than average cell phone's pixel. The bigger size allow the pixel to absorb more light and thus perform better under low light.

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What is BlinkFeed » Improve Q

BlinkFeed is HTC One's home screen software that acts like the social magazine Flipboard highlighting information relevant to users. It cannot be removed from home screen although one can simply move it aside if wish to.

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Is the HTC logo at the bottom of the phone mappable to customized function? » Improve Q

By default the logo on the bottom doesn't do anything. However the community have found out that the entire button bar are actually sensitive and thus there's possibility of hacking it to perform as a functional button with ROM or kernel rooting.

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