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What is all about? is an FAQ management system designed with the goal of bringing top quality knowledge presented in Q&A format with the help of experts from the community.

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What are FAQ Sets?

FAQ Sets are places that group together FAQs under a single topic. To see a list of FAQ Sets visit here, or you can create your own.

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What does it mean to split an FAQ?

SmartFaqt aims to provide information in a bite size fashion. When an answer gets too long and reads like an essay, it may stray away from this very vision. Therefore we provide a split function where a new Q&A item can be branched out from a long Q&A item.

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What does it mean to merge FAQs?

Merging function is a tool to consolidate duplicate FAQs and sort them into one main FAQ item so that all effort to improving the FAQ can be concentrated.

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What are some other ways I can contribute?
  • Browse around and improve on existing answers.
  • You can even improve the question if you find there is a more elegant and concise way of asking a question.
  • Comment and discuss on a Q&A to interact with the community for ways to improve question and answer in that particular Q&A item.

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I have lots to share on a subject matter, is there a way to share them on SmatFaqt?

Amazing! Knowledge built here is only possible by the generous sharing from subject matter experts like you. You certainly can and the best way to do so is to create an FAQ Set. FAQ Set is a collection of frequently asked Q&A items that together help people learn about the subject. It is FAQ Guide that make FAQ even more powerful! To start, just create a new FAQ topic and start adding FAQ items in there. Once you've done that, you can make them sticky and rearrange them to form a complete guide.

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What is "FAQ"?
FAQ, or "Frequently Asked Questions", is a way of presenting information in questions and answers form. Originated in tech community, its easy to read and comprehensible format has since spread and is now being used across all kind of media.
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Can I create my own topic?

Yes you definitely can. All you need is to log in. Once logged in, go to Create FAQ Set to create your own topic.

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What does icon mean?

icon indicates an FAQ is a sticky, sticky FAQs will be shown first in the set before other FAQs.

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What are benefits of starting an FAQ guide on SmartFaqt?
  • Easy to get start. Just one click away!
  • Intuitive and easy management. Improve, edit, comment, reorder couldn't be any simpler.
  • Interact with others to discuss and improve on the FAQ Guide.
  • It's hosted free on SmartFaqt.

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