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The 10 FAQ to Making Money on the Internet

Working online is the future work place. The earlier you jump on this revolution, the better off you will be when it becomes mainstream.

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What skills are required to work at home online? » Improve Q

There are three vital skills that you need to have in order to work online and become successful. You need to be able to have great time management, dedication, and a love to learn.

It can be very easy to get distracted working at home. Work time is work time and you have to understand that just like any other job you have goals to reach each day. If you can master the time management aspect of working online the rest will fall into place.

Dedication goes a long way to working online. When you first start it will be harder then a regular job. With a regular job you are rewarded with a nice paycheck every other week, but when you are working online it slowly ramps up to the pay you want with hard work and dedication.

The internet's jobs are constantly changing and you will need to learn about what is new and how to use it. Staying ahead of the curve will help make your transition to working online an easy one. 

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There is so many things to do online for money, what is the best for me? » Improve Q

The excitement to work online dies down a little at the fact that there almost seems to be too many options for you to do online. In order to narrow down your choices of how you want to work online you need to ask yourself one simple question:

What can I wake up with and be excited to get on the computer to do?

The reason why this question is important is because it is very easy to get distracted working online. Especially if you are working form home. You are in the comfort of everything that you know and love. You need to find something that is hard to pry you from the computer. Here are a few example jobs:

• Programming

• App Creation

• Web Design

• Marketing

• Blogging

• Vlogging

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Where can I make my first dollar online TODAY? » Improve Q

If you are looking to earn money right now you can go to a website called This website is filled with people just like you making money online doing random things for five dollars. All you have to do is sign up for an account, make a paypal account, create your gig and you are ready to make money online.

People are doing everything from shouting out messages, holding signs, making funny videos, teaching others how to do things, and much much more.

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How much money can you make online? » Improve Q

Do not fall for the false claims that state you can sit on your butt and make billions overnight. If it was this easy everyone would be sitting on their butt right now collecting in the big bucks. Working online at first will be harder then working a regular job. It takes a lot of dedication and learning to make a living.

Depending on what you are looking to do online you can make various "wages". Here are a few example jobs:

• Content Writer: $15 hr Content writing is a very easy way to make money for researching and writing articles online. After all you did it for school for free, why not get paid to do it?

• SEO: $1000 per site SEO experts on average charge $1000 to do search engine optimization for websites, this number of course fluctuates depending on your experience.

• Designer: $20 hr Web designers and programmers are always needed online. The internet is rapidly expanding and becoming more and more integrated into our lives. Free lance programmers and designers have no problem finding work in today's technology times.

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Can you make money with paid surveys? » Improve Q

Many of the paid survey services are scams, however, SurveySavvy and Lightspeed Consumer Panel are legit paid survey services. Take in mind that you will not be able to generate a full times wage with these services. At most you will be able to make part time pay. 

These services are popular in developing countries because the wages for them are better then a full time wage.

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How do you spot an online money making scam? » Improve Q

Spotting an online money making scam is very easy. Follow the following bullet points and you should be safe when researching information:

• If the source seems unfamiliar it is a scam.

• Pop up windows.

• Check the links on the page, many scams will create phlishing sites which are built to look like real pages.

• Check the URL domain to see if it is correct.

• If they promise riches overnight it is a scam.

• It is hard to get ahold of someone to ask questions.

• Google the site name/business name with the word scam and check to see if they have any scam reviews.

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Is it possible to make money online? » Improve Q

Yes it is very possible to make money online. The hardest part is getting started. There is so much misinformation and false claims on the internet on how to make money it can be scary to make the leap online.

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What are some types of work online? » Improve Q

There are various ways to work online. You do not need to come up with a new idea and start a business in order to work online. Many jobs today will offer telecommuting, which would allow you to still have that job security while working from the comfort of your home. There is free lance work, which is where you post your resume and actively search for projects to contribute your work to. Sites like Odesk are a way for you to work free lance. You can create sites and become affiliate marketers for products. Blog about a certain topic and sell the products related.

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Do I need to share my personal information to get started? » Improve Q

A course should never ask to use personal information beyond your email and name. If they ask for anything else they using the data to exploit you. For example, if you sign up for a money making course and they ask for your SSN that is a red flag for a scam.

Treat your interactions online as if they were in person. Never share too much to someone you don't know.

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Can I make money blogging? » Improve Q

Yes, it is very possible to make a full time income off of blogging, however be warned, it requires a lot of work to get up to a full time income. Using services like Google Adsense, Ebay partner network, and Clickbank you are able to blog about anything that you want and offer products and services to your readers.

It may seem hard at first and that no one is reading your blog, but with consistency you will be able to enjoy the lifestyle of working at home just by blogging.

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