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Candy Crush Saga FAQ

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How do one get pass level 117? The fruits are difficult to clear when they are not in the middle 3 columns. » Improve Q

There is a strategy in avoiding having fruits appear on the side. In level 117, the second fruit appear when you have 25 moves remaining. The third fruit appear when you have 10 moves remaining. Fruits can only appear on the column where candies are matched. Therefore strategize so that you are clearing fruits in the middle three column on the move when you see 26 and 11 move remain, so that on the next move when counter reach 25 and 10 move, fruits would appear in the middle. You have no control over when the first fruit appear, however when playing on mobile devices, one can quit game before making a move and not lose a life. Simply re-enter the game until you see the first fruits among the middle 3 columns. Note that fruits do move sideways sometime when candies cascade unevenly or when you swipe a match which happen to move the fruit sideways.

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Do I have control over whether a vertically striped or horizontally striped candy is produced? » Improve Q

Striped candies are appear when you clear four candies in a row. When matching the fourth candy, if your swapping motion is vertical, it would produce vertically striped candies. If your motion is horizontal, a horizontally striped candies would appear. The direction of the stripe determine whether a vertical column or a horizontal row is cleared when the striped candies are cleared.

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How do you pass level 89? » Improve Q
  • Focus on the chocolate first and foremost. Nothing can be accomplished if the chocolate fill up the bottom half.
  • when none of your move can cancel out chocolate, see if you can produce vertical striped candies at the top half, which can come in handy when there's no move left on the bottom half.
  • Once chocolates are cleared, the far right and far left on the bottom line are the trickier pieces.
  • Luck plays a big factor in this level, you may need multiple tries even with the correct strategy.
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How do I beat level 273? » Improve Q

Besides clearing bomb in time, the trick is to not waste too many moves. Some candies may look tempting, like the chocolate ball or striped candy, but may actually do little to clear the stone. Use a little math to estimate how many stones will be effected. A stripe candy may usually only break 2 or 3 stones, which is not as effective as simply matching three near the bottom, especially if you need to make another move to produce the stripe candy.

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How do I get pass level 164? The fruits are at columns with chocolate maker at the bottom. » Improve Q

Except for the first fruit on the board, you have control over which column the fruit would drop at. Fruit appears on the board every 7 move. Therefore for this level they appear when there are 50, 43, 36, 29, 22 and 15 moves remaining. When you are about to go into these moves, clear candies on columns that are not in the middle or on the far right or left side, so that fruit would drop at the columns without chocolate machine at the bottom.

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How do I pass level 91? » Improve Q

The trick is to clear the bottom row. Luck plays a big part in this level as it's very difficult to predict what may end up on the bottom row. Try to go for as many stripe and special candies as possible. Bomb and stripe combo is your best friend.

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How do one pass level 154? » Improve Q

Level 154 depends largely on luck. The middle bottom chocolate blocks can only be cleared by stripe candies, which is most likely how you will clear the stage, with a well placed stripe candy. With the limited space getting a vertical striped candy right at the centre is more luck than skill.

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How do I pass Dreamworld Level 276 in Candy Crush? It seems impossible. » Improve Q

This level was almost impossible, but Candy Crush has since then made some adjustments to make it more feasible, notably instead of just one moonstruck at 20 moves left, there are now two moonstruck at 28 and 8 moves left.

Don't be discouraged as Dreamworld Level 276 is possibly by far the most difficult level of all of Candy Crush. It is so difficult it is at first thought impossible without using any boost. However it is indeed possible without using boost.

Luck plays a big part in this level. The main strategy is to focus on clearing wrapped candies. Before the first moonstruck, clearing as many blocks as possible. Clear using wrapped candies is the most effective as it allow for the area to be big enough to produce more special candies during moonstruck. A big area especially with some Wrapped and Color Bomb would produce chain reaction during moonstruck. Striped candies while able to reach more blocks wouldn't clear them before the first moonstruck thus are a little less effective in allowing for more chain reaction during moonstruck.

The first moonstruck should clear almost 80-90% of the blocks, and majority of the 300 blue candies required to pass the level. After the first moonstruck, try to make clearing wrapped candies more of a priority than stripped candies as wrapped candies allow for more chance of chain reaction.

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What is the Dream World with the Owl? » Improve Q

Dream World is a special mode in Candy Crush introduced near the end of 2013. Once entered the dream world, players are able to replay the levels from the start, where one need to be mindful of balancing the owl by watching which colour to clear, and a "moon struck" gauge which when full would decrease the number of colours on the board for a limited time to make for easier combo occurrences.

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How do one beat level 305? » Improve Q

Hold on the fishes to as late as possible, they are useless at the beginning of the game but extremely useful when there's only a few jellies left. Focus on wrapped candy, two wrapped candies together is the most powerful combo in this level, followed by wrapped + striped candies, followed by colorbomb + striped candies. Color bombs are not very useful if not combined with a striped candy. Other than that, the rest is left to luck.

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