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Disney Tsum Tsum FAQ

Guide to the cute and addicting game


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Should I buy Hapiness Box for 10,000 or Premium Box for 30,000 for the new tsums? » Improve Q

For start you should try to collect all tsum from the 10,000 Hapiness Box. The reason is  that tsums in Hapiness Box will appear in game, and if you don't own them, they will not give you points, nor accumulate experience to upgrade.

After you get all the Hapiness Box Tsum, you should start going for 30,000 Premium Box. The tsums in premium box either have more powerful skill or much higher scores, which will help you in achieving better scores.

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How do I find out the skill and score of each tsum at different level? » Improve Q

Visit for compilation of the data. It lists all the skill of each tsum, and the scores each tsum would get with each level.

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What are the best ways to get high score? » Improve Q

The best ways to achieve high score, in order of effect:

  1. Make very long chain. Long chain are rewarded handsomely in this game, instead of many few small chains, make a long one.
  2. Make long chain in fever mode. If possible strategize in placing long chain of tsum and clear them once entering fever mode, as the combination of long chain and the fever mode multiplier greatly boost your score. A score in the range of 300k is possible with just one chain in fever mode.
  3. Choose the right tsum. Tsum makes all the difference, once you have it. The tsum that can give you a very long chain, able to upgrade to high score, can get charged fast (different tsums require a different number of tsums to be cleared to get charged up), and can clear tsums fast (some skill will burst tsums instantly while some require a few seconds to clear them)
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What are the quickest ways to earn coins? » Improve Q

In the order ranking from the quickest:

  1. Daily mission. Daily mission is unlocked at level 3 and usually reward in the thousands.
  2. Accept friend's heart request within an hour, which will give you 200 coins.
  3. Inviting friend gets you 500 coins, although depending on your friend list there may be a limited number of friend you can invite.
  4. Play the game. Each game will give you coins depending on how many tsum you clear.
  5. At end of each week, coins award are given if you are among the top 3 on your list, or if you reach a certain high score.
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What are the levels for tsums for? » Improve Q

There are two types of tsum levels:

  • Score Level: Increase as you gain experience points from clear the tsums in game. The higher the score level, the higher the score each tsum give you.
  • Skill Level: If you buy the tsum from Hapiness Box or Premium Box and receive the same tsum, its skill level increase. The higher the skill level, the more powerful the skill is.
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What time is the weekly ranking reset? » Improve Q

The weekly ranking is reset every Monday at 8am PDT / 11pm EST / 4pm UTC.

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What is the advantage of fever mode? » Improve Q

During fever mode, scores are higher for tsum cleared. Therefore the key strategy is to leave the really long chain of combo for fever mode, because long combo create the largest points, and having it double will be very effective.

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How often can I send heart? » Improve Q

One heart per hour is the limit in sending heart to the same friend.

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How do I make the clearing faster on a long chain? » Improve Q

Sometimes it takes a few seconds to clear a long chain. If there is a bubbleo on the screen, bursting the bubble would cause the clearing to be instantaneous, which would help save a few seconds waiting for the chain to be cleared.

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How do I get friends to show up on the invite list? » Improve Q

There is a bit of delay between when you add friends in Line and when they show up in Tsum Tsum.  Sometimes a few minutes, sometimes hours.  Just periodically restart the app and see if they're there.

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