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An FAQ Guide to Camera


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What are the differences between different lines of Panasonic Lumix Mirrorless cameras? » Improve Q
  • GF - compact (smallest and lightest) and consumer level
  • G - mid level
  • GH - high end
  • GX - new line, compact like GF but premium in features and qualities
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What are some main differences between compact cameras and DSLR cameras? » Improve Q
Digital SLR cameras allow for interchangeable lenses thus can make use of the best lens suitable for different purposes. Most DSLR also allow for more manual control over camera settings, while compact cameras generally do not grant photographers as much control over them. SLR also tend to be a lot heavier and less portable. » Improve A
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Is resolution (mega pixel) important when purchasing a camera? » Improve Q
For the cameras on the market nowadays, it is not important as difference in mega pixel is almost unnoticeable. Most consumers will almost never notice the difference in resolution beyond 5 or 6 mega pixels. Thus considering that most cameras on the market today packed 8 to 10 mega pixels in their sensors, other factors play a much more important part in the practical quality of a camera. » Improve A
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What is ISO sensitivity? » Improve Q
ISO sensitivity refers to how sensitive the sensor of a camera is. The higher the ISO the more sensitive, thus can capture more light in darker situation. Also because of that, taking picture requires less exposure time thus less likelihood of unsteady hand and blurry picture. However there is a catch for shooting with high ISO, as more "noise" would be captured too. For most consumer camera shooting at maximum ISO would result in very noticeable noise, thus are not recommended but the option is there. » Improve A
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What is resolution and mega pixel? » Improve Q
Resolution refers to how much detail a camera can capture, mega pixel is the unit resolution is measured in. A 5 mega pixel mean the camera is capable of capturing 5 million small dots (pixel) in its pictures. » Improve A
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What is the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom? » Improve Q
Optical zoom make use of lens and optical technique much like ones used in telescope to zoom in on a subject. Digital zoom on the other hand crop the image and use software to magnify image without actually zooming in but instead by sacrificing resolution. Most consider digital zoom negligible as this effect can easily be achieved with in home software without needing any extra on the camera itself. When comparing zooming capability of cameras one should only pay attention on the optical zoom. » Improve A
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What are wide angle lens? » Improve Q
Wide angel lens has a short focal length and allows you to shoot picture capturing more area of the target. What that means is you can capture more of a scenery, or do not need to get everyone to squeeze in when taking group photo. For most compact camera, a lens capable of shooting with focal length less than the standard 35mm equivalent is considered a wide angle lens. » Improve A
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What is "image stabilizer"? » Improve Q
Image stabilizer are techniques to prevent blurry image from long exposure shots. Optical image stabilizer is the most common ones for consumer camera and make use of shifting of parts in camera to offset the unsteady hand when taking picture. » Improve A
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