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Bejeweled Blitz FAQ Guide

The addicting facebook game bejeweled blitz.


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What is Bejeweled Blitz? » Improve Q
Bejeweled Blitz is a popular and addicting game by PopCap that is a spin off of the original Bejeweled game. Players score by matching gems and each game last only one minute. The game comes in 3 versions, playable for free at , or available for purchased along with the original game on desktop PC and iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. » Improve A
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One of my goals says to match 3 x4 multipliers and I was wondering what does that mean? » Improve Q

It is asking you to match the "x4 multiplier gem" three times. As you play the game "multiplier gem" will appear, the first one to appear is "x2 multiplier gem", once you matched and cleared that the next one to appear would be "x3 multipler gem" and so forth. The goal is for you to clear "x4 multiplier gem" (implying that you would need to clear x2 and x3 multiplier gem in order for x4 multiplier gem to appear), and it is asking you to do this 3 times.

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What are some good tips for beginner? » Improve Q
  • Speed is the key differentiating good players from the rest. 
  • Start playing the moment gems appear, before the announcer say "Go". It will save you precious seconds in a game that only lasts 60 seconds.
  • You don't need to wait for the cascade animation to finish before performing another match.
  • Familiarize yourself with what the matches for creating special gems, and make those matches when opportunities arise.
  • Luck plays an important part in this game too, don't give up, sometimes you are just out of luck.
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What is the meaning of the white stag? » Improve Q
You get a white stage when you get a x4 multiplier.  With x5 and more, it turns purple (I guess to denote deep twilight). » Improve A
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What do you do to make coin gems appear? » Improve Q

They appear randomly.

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What are the special gems? » Improve Q
  • Flame Gem appears when matching 4 gems. When flame gem is matched, it would create a little "explosion", destroying all gems around it.
  • Star Gem appears when matching gems in T or L shape (clearing two rows of 3-gems together). When star gem is matched, it would cast two straight bolts destroying every gem in the same horizontal and vertical line with it.
  • Hypercube appears when matching 5 gems in one row. One can match hypercube with any of its neighboring gem, which would result in all gems on the board that are the same color of that neighboring gem to be destroyed.
  • Multiplier Gem appears when a large number of gems are cleared. Matching it increase your multiplier, which is the number your score is multiplied by starting form the moment you cleared that multiplier gem.
  • Coin Gem appears randomly, and will grant you coins when matched.
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How often do Daily Spin occur? » Improve Q
As its name suggest, daily spin occurs daily. They appear every day the first time you login after 1am EST or 10pm PST. However there has been reports that some players don't get them as consistent as PopCap is still in the process of rolling out the feature. » Improve A
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What is the highest multiplier I can get? » Improve Q
The highest multiplier one can get is x8. If one manages to get more multiplier after that, the number stay at x8 and while clearing them would give one bonus scores, multiplier would not get any higher. » Improve A
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What is a Moonstone? » Improve Q
Moonstone is a special boost that occurs only occasionally at the end of a game, when it does appear, you can choose to "harvest" it at the cost of 25,000 coins. Once harvest, it gives you 3 star gems (the one you usually get from T and L matches) at the beginning of you next game. Moonstone is also different from other regular boosts in that you can only use it for one game instead of three. Many experts find it useful to use Moonstone together with other purchasable boosts to maximize the score. » Improve A
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What are some tips for advanced players? » Improve Q
These are tips for player to achieve beyond 500k+ score:
  • Only one multiplier would appear for every cascade, no matter how big the cascade is. If you see a very big cascade coming but it's early in the game, try to go for smaller cascade first so you would get more multipliers from it.
  • Multiplier is the key to obtaining super high score, go for multiplier of all things early on in the game.
  • While luck plays a big part in this game, speed is one thing you have an almost total control over. Train yourself to be fast enough so you can constantly have 2 blazing speeds in every single game.
  • The tip for playing bottom of screen first is nice, but at this point you should be able to spot almost all matches on the board immediately that concentrating too much on just the bottom half of the board may actually slow you down.
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