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Bejeweled Blitz FAQ Guide

The addicting facebook game bejeweled blitz.


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What are some tips for intermediate players? » Improve Q
  • Match gems at lower portion of the board first, as this will enable more gems dropping to fill the gap above them, thus more likelihood of chain action.
  • Try to match the special gems as early as possible as they would create multiplier gem for you. If at the same time both multiplier gem and other gems are available for matching on the board, clear the multiplier gem first before other special gems.
  • Multiplier is the key to high score. A x8 multiplier at end game means you'll get x8 the score, which is more feasible physically than playing x8 as fast.
  • Try to go for blazing speed. They stack up score especially fast near end game when there are some multipliers. 
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What can you do with the coins and tokens you are rewarded? » Improve Q

You can use coins to buy boosts or harvest rare gems when they appear. Tokens are used for Blitz Party in which you need one token per Blitz Party game.

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Why is the adobe storage options box popping up in the middle of bejeweled ? » Improve Q

You may have accidentally right click on your mouse.

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What are the rare gems? » Improve Q
  • Moon Stone: Give you three star gems at the start of the game. (Initial Harvest Price: 25,000 coins)
  • Cat's Eye: At the end of the game destroy random gems with 3x the multiplier you have at the time. (Initial Harvest Price: 25,000 coins)
  • Blazing Steed: Get blazing speed at the beginning of the game. A horse will appear to clear random gems when the game finish. (Initial Harvest Price: 55,000 coins)
  • Phoenix Prism: A prism would randomly appear on the board, when cleared would destroy all gems diagonal to it. (Initial Harvest Price: 75,000 coins)
  • Kanga Ruby: A kangaroo boxer will appear to knock off sections of board for a good chunk of score increase. Matching red gems will speed up the meter in which when full kangaroo would appear.
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How many free gifts can I send friends daily ? » Improve Q

You can receive many free gifts, if you have many friends to send them to you, or you work on your "key stones" and complete them. There is a limit. I'm not positive on the number but it is somewhere around 40.

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I had 5 messages in the message center and did not collect them. They disappeared. What happened to them? » Improve Q

If you did not collect them in time allotted (usually 13 days) they will, indeed, disappear. You must look at the time expiration date at the bottom. 

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I now have 21 blue round dics's with a diamond in the middle. please, what are they and how do i use them??? driving me » Improve Q

These are tokens. apparently you can use them to buy blitz party games. They seem useless.

NOT usless! They can increase your bottom line by 350,000 when you play a party game.

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What do you do with tokens, i have 40 tokens. Can you turn them into coins? » Improve Q
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why cant i play bejeweled on my ipad horizontally » Improve Q
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How do I get blazing speed? » Improve Q

In two ways:

1) Either by matching gems fast enough (not waiting for results of one cascade before starting the next). It doesn't last long, but you can get it more than once in a game and it makes more gems blow up in a cascade andmultilpiers build faster.

2) Purchasing Blazing Steed, which will give Blazing Speed at the start of yoru game. You will also be able to get Blazing Speed again through fast play.

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